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The Barefoot Barn: "Dare to drop the perfect and find the miraculous in your everyday life. We are about living courageously right here in the middle of crazy mornings, mounds of laundry-folding, tantrums (ours and our children’s), deadlines, heartaches, and the quietly content moments. How? Cultivating delight, compassion, and connection in our everyday lives. I offer services that weave together yoga, mindfulness, and psychotherapy for women & men, moms & dads looking for a bit of peace, delight, and meaningful connection in our everyday lives." ~ Lisa McCrohan

The Joyful Mother (Sigrid Kjeldsen)
: "For Sigrid, Happiness Breakthrough Expert at The Joyful Mother, it is ALL about helping moms manifest their very own version of a joyful life. Sigrid teaches moms the psychology of living life as a joyful mother."

Simplicity Parenting: "Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids..."

Face It Foundation: "Face It provides support, education and tools to help you or a man you care about recover from depression..."

Peaceful Parent Institute: "For most parents, they just don't get enough emotional support along the way and yet can often feel like they're expected to perform at their best at all times despite their frustrations, restrictions, hurts and confusion. The approaches that we put forward on this site and through our courses, phone coaching and other resources are for parents who want to heal themselves, heal their child and heal their family."

Boys Town & "Every day, abused and neglected children and broken and struggling families seek 
help from 
Boys Town. The care we provide is uniquely effective because it is driven by our unwavering belief that every child and every family has the potential to succeed, regardless of their circumstances.

The Big Swell: "At the big swell, we say healthy Mothers grow healthy families. We say that Mothers are the change agents for a better world. We say less synthetics, less chemicals, less consumerism, less political 
correctness and less judgment!"

Joyful Growth Coach: "As a Certified Professional Life Coach, mother and expatriate spouse I have both 
personal and professional experience in turning life'schallenges into opportunities. I specialize in supporting women, parents and expatriate families from all walks of life
." ~ Sandra Seibert

The Happiness Project: "Gretchen Rubin is one of the most thought-provoking and influential writers on happiness. Her books Happier at Home and The Happiness Project were both instant New York Times bestsellers, and  The Happiness Project has spent more than a year on the bestseller list. Here, she writes about her adventures as she test-drives the studies and theories about how to be happier."

Love and Logic: "Love and Logic® provides simple and practical techniques to help parents with kids of all ages: raise responsible kids, have more fun in their role, easily and immediately (first use) change their children's behavior..."

Positive Parenting"My goal is to help you be a the best Positive Parent you can be." ~ Debbie Godfrey

Madly In Love With Me: "There is nothing more powerful, beautiful and free than a woman who truly loves herself… Madly in Love with ME is a dream of mine that comes true everyday – but not in the way that you think. We put so much pressure on ourselves to manifest our dreams, when the pressure is SO not necessary…" ~ Christine Arylo

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Too Busy to Meditate?

We know, we know...moms are busy. Way too busy to meditate, right? But actually, it's because of all this busy-ness that meditation can actually do us some good! Just give it 5 minutes, just 5 minutes every day, and you will see amazing results-- you'll feel centered, relaxed, and grounded in yourself. You'll reconnect with your intuition, patience, wisdom, and love-- just a few of the qualities that we really need in our mothering. 

Meditation brings us back to our center point. It helps us to avoid burnout and utter exhaustion. And boy do we need it; the relentless demands, stresses, and responsibilities of motherhood whip us around so much that at the end of the day, we don't know which way is up! That's why we meditate. In just a couple deep breaths, it brings us back into alignment with who we really are...our center point of beingness. As Mindful Mamas, our meditation practice is our grounding point; it's our practice of continually strengthening our connection with ourselves. We do this because we know that the depth of connectedness we have with our kids, our partners, and our lives is determined by the strength of connection we have with our True selves. 

Give it a try! Start simple. Designate 5 minutes every day this week to sit, center yourself, and focus on your breath. Every minute you spend in meditation is such an incredible gift for yourself (think more energy, more calm, more insight), and it's such a gift for your kids, too. For they will feel the energy, the calm, the compassion you cultivated in that space. 

Meditation is our secret weapon in our mindful mothering practice-- it's our secret tool to relieve stress, improve our mood, and make us more efficient (and nicer to be around) in our fast paced days.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Improves concentration (Hello! What mama doesn't need this one?!)
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Increases positivity and mood
  • Decreases attention deficit tendencies
  • Leads to a relaxed mind and bodily state
  • Reduces anxiety attacks
  • Decreases muscle tension
  • Clears your head so you can solve problems better
  • Increase in the capacity for intimate contact with loved ones
  • Decreases tendency to worry
  • Increases listening skills and empathy
  • Helps you discover your purpose
  • Increases acceptance of oneself
  • Helps living in the present moment
  • Changes attitude toward life
  • Increases compassion
"Women begin life as someone's daughter, and then someone's lover, wife, someone's mother.  Yes, but who am I- who am I really?  Not only does a woman need an understanding of her body but also needs to connect with the essence of her true self.  A true self, which is an identity beyond everyday change- beyond gender, beyond fluctuations of hormones, beyond family expectations and other superimposed personality patterns.  Discovering this true self is not as easy.  Just when you know who you are , it all changes again... The place for this self discovery is not the psychiatrist's couch, the matrimonial bed, the mother's group, or even a yoga retreat, but within your own private meditation times." 
~ Health and

Meditations We Love

Illuminate Your Spirit

"In religious symbolism, light often represents spiritual illumination. Use this metaphor to visualize your own spirit. Picture a point of light at the center of your being that exudes pure, brilliant energy. Feel its warming incandescence flowing within you. Each time you breathe in, your spiritual light grows brighter, fanned by life-giving oxygen. Meditate like this, breathing deeply, and evenly, for five minutes."

Absorb Love

"When we are disconnected from our true selves-- say, through stress-- we can feel unworthy of love. To help restore your capacity to receive love, visualize yourself as a rose. In order to flourish, you need to take in light, water, and nutrients. These represent the many facets of love in your life-- friendship, passion, and kindness among them. Make a conscious effort to appreciate and absorb these facets in daily life; feel yourself blossom and grow."

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