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Have you ever NOTICED how many times a day you get angry, irritated, annoyed, or worried? Start noticing….

Whenever we feel negative emotions, it's a direct result of stressful thoughts we are thinking. Stressful thoughts are always about something from the past we can't change (guilt), something in the future we can't control (anxiety, fear) or wishing that something wasn't happening the way it is (should's or should not's). 

Check out this "2 Minute Tip" to learn a quick and easy strategy for calming that excessively busy mind of yours. 

It's called "B & B: Become Aware and Breathe."


Cathching your breath means and implies fw things. If the person is caught in some difficult situation, the catching of breath means the recovry from problems. It is needed and understood in this realm. This term is comprehensive.

07/20/2017 3:13am

Mother is a best gift of God ever nothing and nobody can alternate of mother when child can’t talk can’t communicate mother can understand their needs their demands. The communication between mother and child is amazing.


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