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Ever have those days in your mothering where one irritating or "bad" thing happens after another? Sometimes it's easy to get caught in a negative mode and not snap out it for days, weeks, or even longer. Happiness can feel so distant at these times. The good news is-- YOU HAVE CONTROL to change this way of "seeing." It's all about focusing on the good!

This 2 Minute Tip shares with you a very simple, yet powerful, strategy for "practicing" positivity," especially in your mothering. All you'll need is 5 minutes and a journal! It's called: G & G, GRATITUDE and GROWTH. Focus on the good, mama, and that's just what you will see!


11/19/2015 1:57am

Man experience different kind of feelings in this world. The most important feeling is the feeling of happiness which can be obtained from any special person. A person very happy when he is with dear one in a special moment of life.

07/01/2017 5:15am

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09/10/2017 11:34pm

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