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As Mindful Mamas who are passionate about loving our children, ourselves, and our lives fearlessly, our intention is to always be vigilant towards the fearful thoughts that enter our minds. It is the nature of the mind to think and the Ego to create fear-- it's our nature as Mindful Mamas to question this fear, expose it, and return to loving thoughts. 

The following four steps will give you the mental strategies you need to move from fear to courage:

  1. RECOGNIZE: Witness, notice, become aware of your fears. Notice when you begin to feel worried, anxious, scared, timid, or hesitant. Feelings have a direct connection to a specific thought you are thinking. Feel the feeling and then trace it back to the thought that's creating that bodily sensation.
  2. RELEASE: Know you have the powerful choice, in that moment, to LET GO of that fearful thought. Ask yourself, "Would I rather be fearful or free?"
  3. RELAX in your Truth: Truth is your constant Divine self, your Infinite & Sacred Self. Truth is NOT your appearance, your opinions, or any labels that the outside world uses to define you. Ask yourself, "What is my truth?" I am Infinite Love, I am Infinite Wisdom, I am Infinite Peace, I am Infinite Wealth, I am Infinite Freedom. (I spend part of my daily meditation repeating these affirmations to myself so that when I notice myself in fear, I can return to that mental seat of peaceful awareness of my truth.)
  4. REMAIN Openhearted: Turn your attention towards something that makes you feel less contracted and more expanded. Stay dedicated to keeping your heart open-- regardless of what happens in the outside world.
This is my goal, ladies-- to always remain openhearted no matter what someone says, does, or doesn't do to me. I have become so aware of the times when I feel so closed-hearted, so constricted, because of what is happening externally. My vision for myself is to be deeply happy on the inside, regardless of my circumstances. 


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