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As moms, we gotta multitask, right? Yes. There is no denying that reality calls us to do this every now and again. But as mindful mamas on a quest to simplify our lives, we have to become aware of our unconscious addiction to multitasking. Doing many things at once might seem like we are getting more done, but there is always a tradeoff--usually the depth and connectedness of the moment is what's lacking. Simplifying our lives is all about creating the space to connect deeply with ourselves, our experiences and our loved ones. If we really want to make things less complicated and more simple, we simply must practice (a lot) doing just one thing at a time. It's simple, but not easy. Allow me to explain just how to practice this "simple" task....


08/17/2016 7:17pm

I tend to agree with you that even though multi tasking seems like a lot is being done, you always miss out on the things that we could have been done when we concentrated on only one thing. Also, I appreciate you taking a go at this topic and discussing your point of views. I find it enlightening as well as it enables you to work through the times when you have piles of tasks to be done.


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