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If you had to assign a percentage to it, what percent of your mental energy do you direct toward what you don't want to happen (e.g., fearful, worrisome, or anxious thoughts)... 50%, 75%, more? I have no clue why it is, but doesn't it sometimes feel that it's easier to focus on what we don't want more than what we do? Perhaps we unconsciously believe that if we stress or worry about something long enough, then maybe that thing won't happen. Man, if only that was the natural law of the Universe-- as moms, we'd be set!

In reality, where we choose to focus our mental energy is what we manifest and welcome into our lives! Understanding this basic law of attraction helps us make an important shift-- a shift to deliberately and intentionally focusing on what we DO want to happen. 

It's called prepaving. 

“Prepaving” is a term that is used to describe what you do when you intentionally focus your thoughts on a future event and how you want that event to occur. Every single time we are purposeful in thinking about what we do want to happen, we pave the way for that future event to unfold just like we envisioned it.

There are countless ways you can apply this powerful concept to mothering and get amazing results. I like to prepave any event in my mothering that typically stresses me out:
  • the morning rush 
  • responding to my child’s meltdown
  • the "witching hour" (5-7 pm)
  • responding to night waking
  • discipline
  • pickup and drop-off
  • bath and bedtime 
  • any transition time during the day (nap, bath, bedtime…)

What about you? Think about one specific time in your day when you are more apt to lose your cool, or when you typically feel anxious or irritated. Got that time? Now, tonight, as you lay in bed, close your eyes and envision that event unfolding tomorrow in a way that brings you peace, contentment, and happiness. Envision that event unfolding just exactly as you would like to. It really helps to focus on how you want to FEEL; so not only focus on seeing the event unfold, feel the actual feelings of calm and collectedness that we wish to feel.

Practicing your positive response in your head paves the way for your response in that moment to be exactly like you energized it to be
. I am telling you, it's the coolest thing, and it works!

The key to prepaving-- focus on the FEELING you want to feel. Do you want to feel more energized, calm, graceful, passionate, open, and/or loving? How do you want the moments in you day to feel?

You can prepave anytime, anywhere. Maybe you do a little prepaving 5 minutes before stepping into an important business meeting (prepaving works in every area of our lives), or you deliberately carve out time in your day to do it. I personally enjoy doing it at night right before I go to sleep. I find that if I don't deliberately focus on the good at this time of day, my thoughts tend to wander to what I didn't get done that day or worrying about something the following day. Prepaving at night keeps my thoughts positive and peaceful right before I drift to sleep. 

Try it out, mama! Be intentionally about focusing your mental energy on what you DO want to happen. I guarantee, prepaving and the law of attraction will amaze you.



11/29/2015 3:52am

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