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Whatever we do over and over again, we get better at-- every time you get angry, you get better at being angry, every time you worry, you get better at worrying. Practice makes perfect. 


11/22/2015 3:22am

Practising isv very necessary and needed tool for the success and effectiveness. The skills and abilities of the man and woman are polished with the help of the experience and practise. It is ought to be mentioned here with full analysis and assessment.

12/17/2015 8:24am

Letting go is easy to say. All starts in the mind though as we have all the power to will it. It is like accomplishing tasks or even studying a new field of study. You need to work really hard to pass all the requirements and complete the course or degree. It is how I felt when I started law school. I almost gave up, but it was a good thing I persevered and now I am a corporate lawyer already.

04/25/2016 5:15am

Most of us think that happiness springs from achieving a goal or getting rewards, but researches from a Swedish university Gothenburg University indicate that these only provide a temporary high.

12/19/2016 10:55am

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05/26/2017 4:58am

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