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by guest contributor, Jan LaPoint, of My Vital Best

Apropos of the season, I begin this offering with gratitude for the honor of sharing my perspective on being a mindful mom.  First of all, I am very proudly the mom of a son (41) and a daughter (33) and their respective spouses: my daughter-in-law (40) and son-in-law (41).  They are all amazing and accomplished men and women, each in their own right, and successes by their own definitions of the word.  Not only have they given me the pleasure of their company in this life, they have also given me the great joy of my five beautiful grandchildren, whom I cherish and adore!!!  So you can see that from where I am now, I must be "sittin’ pretty", as we used to say back in Texas where I’m from.  Surely it’s a privileged vantage point from which I can look back and bask in the glow of a job well done….(Violins Please) Not entirely. 

Most people can look back and find areas where they feel their parents fell short of meeting their needs.  I can, so can my children, and maybe you as well.  But the thing I love is that my son and daughter are both striving to be fantastic parents, with conscious efforts toward learning and growing.  And I am right there with them, making a mindful effort of my own to be an even better mom to them.  For trust me when I tell you, it is the role of a lifetime, and my children’s smiles and their love for me are my "Picasso's".  

But Picasso's or not, the every day of your days can be monotonous and challenging; moments can turn into hours on end.  This is where your power and opportunity to create your children’s virtual future is found, where your vision for their success as human beings can find its roots.  For you don’t just give birth to them once; every moment you have with them is a chance to give them health and vitality and space to grow.  That’s Life. So I offer this:  create the NOW with the future in mind.  For all we really ever have is this moment, this NOW, and this is how we create ourselves. 

As a mother, you are the heart and soul of the home, and as such, you have to prioritize your time and energies in the activities of your day.  From urgent to annoying, stressful to playful, joyous to magical, these are your moments and you are creating and shaping each experience for your child.  You wear many hats, I know, and at times you must switch them with lightning speed.  Thank goodness we women rule the world, make the babies and most everything else!  We are flexible and we bring whoever is needed to the moment’s task.  This is your true Goddess self, where you imbue yourself, your situation and all others involved with magic and love.  In moments of challenge, which hat (or crown) will you wear?  

You know, no one ever taught me that I could envision a future for myself or my children, in order to help today create itself.  That was my time.  This is yours, and you have come to this site as an aware and enlightened being, making mindful choices and conscious efforts to do, be and have all that you desire for yourself and your children.  Know that in each moment, you are the creator, the artist, and you have the whole Universe as your canvas.  Your child’s happiness is your masterpiece!  I applaud all of you for your MINDFULNESS!!  You have the future in your hands right NOW!  Create it wisely. 

Love, Jan
Jan is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.  At
My Vital Best, an online health coaching practice, she provides creative and
individualized counseling for body, mind and soul.  She feels all areas of one’s
life can use extra attention and nourishment now and then, therefore she assists her
clients in discovering their own overall 'nutritional balance.'  A "chef at heart," she consummately creates recipes to suit your tastes and any needs you might have such as: health diagnoses, food intolerance and allergies, or other physical conditions.
You can contact Jan at 




11/16/2012 1:34pm

Jan -- I love the sentiment of this post -- we do wear so many hats -- and now, I've decided CROWNS are much more my style.

Great, loving post!

Thank you.


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